Online Seminar: How to build a secure architecture based on your technology stack

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Join us in this online seminar with Thomas Kerbl, Principal Security Consultant, SEC Consult.

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About this Online Seminar

Recorded December 17th, 2020, 4:00 PM (CET)

Re-inventing the wheel is usually a bad idea – especially when your goal is to build resilient and secure applications. Nevertheless, it is still common practice to design individual security mechanisms time and time again instead of developing secure reference architectures as blueprint once. This leads to unnecessary complexity, inconsistency, and redundant efforts across all domains of secure software development.

OWASP SAMM v2 provides guidance for those who want to do better. Following those best practices enables architects and developers to establish secure building blocks based on their specific technology stack and protection requirements. Thomas discusses how to get started and lays out a step by step plan that shows you how to take your security architecture to the next level.


    Key Take-Aways

    • Understanding security architecture in the context of OWASP SAMM v2
    • How to implement security design principles and design patterns
    • How to establish a security architecture framework

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    • Thomas Kerbl, Principal Security Consultant, SEC Consult

    Target audience

    Security Architects, Requirements Engineers, Developers incl. Development Lead, Operations incl. Operations Lead, Security Tester incl. Test Lead, (C)ISOs, basically, everyone involved in building secure software.



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