Online Seminar: IoT Infrastructure Risks? An Approach to Enterprise IoT Security

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Join us in this panel discussion of experts from SEC Consult and IoT Inspector.

About this Online Seminar

Recorded February 25th, 2021, 4:00 PM (CET)

Four experts talk about their different fields of expertise.

Bernhard takes us on a journey through a data center spotting all the hidden network devices that potentially pose a clandestine risk to the whole infrastructure.

Stefan speaks about how to cover all aspects of an IoT ecosystem in a penetration test a thorough approach is needed. Based on a typical IoT application he covers the different aspects, ranging from scoping a pentest, taking devices apart (“hardware hacking”), firmware and application security exploitation, cloud applications, to mobile applications and assessment of wireless communication protocols.

Florian provides insights into IoT Inspector: a platform for automated security analyses and compliance checks of IoT firmware. He talks about IoT Inspector ’s technique to automating discovery of vulnerabilities in IoT firmware and share how to embed this approach into an organization’s IoT security test plan or its overall IoT security strategy.

David goes through major points regarding the management and compliance of IoT security, which should be considered by each company, and discusses some common issues related to them.

    Key Take-Aways

    • IoT devices are everywhere, we identify them and their potential security issues.
    • Even with limited resources of cyber-security experts, base-line security assurance for IoT can be achieved.
    • Approach for IoT security penetration tests.

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    • Florian Lukavsky: Managing Director & Co-Founder, IoT Inspector GmbH
    • Stefan Viehböck: Team Lead & Principal Security Consultant, SEC Consult
    • David Rieger: Data Protection Officer & Security Consultant, SEC Consult
    • Bernhard Gründling: Technical Security Consultant, SEC Consult

    Target audience

    CISO, CIO, IT-Security Experts, IoT Engineers, Privacy Professionals, IoT Enthusiasts



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