Online Seminar: NIS implementation from the perspective of an operator and a Qualified Body (QuaSte)


Join us in this Online Seminar about Network and Information Systems Security (NIS).

NIS implementation

About this Online Seminar

Recorded: April 29th, 2021, 4:30 PM (CET)

The NIS requirements pose a major challenge to those who are affected by it. Experts from VERBUND show how they have met this challenge and implemented the NIS requirements in their company. They share their experiences for successful, NIS-compliant supplier management. Experts from SEC Consult explain the NIS-compliant testing process and provide valuable implementation recommendations for both operators and suppliers in the NIS world.

Key Take-Aways

  • Insights about the implementation of NIS requirements at VERBUND, the largest electricity supply company in Austria.
  • Empirical values regarding successful supplier management in the context of implementing the NIS requirements at VERBUND.
  • Overview of the process of a NIS compliant audit incl. evidence by SEC Consult as Qualified Body (QuaSte).
  • Recommendations regarding implementation and necessary preparations for suppliers

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  • Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Walter Fraissler, Head of Information Security Management,VERBUND AG
  • Michael Hein, MSc., Information Security Specialist, VERBUND AG
  • Ing. Amir Salkic, MSc., Head of Information Security Management & Principal Security Consultant, SEC Consult

Target audience

CISO, ISO, security managers, IT security officers, IT managers, OT officers, suppliers to those affected by the NISG/NISV, NIS interested parties



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