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About this Online Seminar

Recorded May 7th, 2020, 4:00 PM (CET)

This online seminar is great for you if you are considering a Red Team exercise

The topics of the Online Seminar are:

  • Evolution of the CyberSecurity landscape – this is asymmetric warfare, what should we do to address the situation?

  • How Red Teamers put an organization’s overall defense and response capabilities to the test – and real-world examples and surprising uncovered vulnerabilities.


Key take-Aways

  • How to prepare a red teaming engagement: defining the scope and crown jewels for attack simulation
  • Red teaming frameworks and the Red Teamer’s toolkit
  • Balancing safety and realism
  • Is your organization ready for red teaming?

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  • Pierre Noel, Senior Advisor to SIX Group and Airbus, Lead CyberHub Program (information-sharing association for the finance community in Switzerland)
  • Marcelo Toran, Head of Red Teaming, SEC Consult



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