Tips And Tricks For The Austria Cyber Security Challenge 2018


Are you up for the challenge?

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On the 5th of May 2018, the qualification to the Austria Cyber Security Challenge 2018 (ACSC 2018) and the Austrian State Championships started.

Pupils and students can attend in the competition and must solve tasks from various categories in the field of IT security. Since this year there is also an open competition – the Austrian State Championships, in which everyone can participate.


To support the participants SEC Consult wrote a document with tips & tricks, which provide useful information for solving these and similar challenges. The tips should get you started in CFT (Capture-The-Flag) competitions, even if you are a rookie and can be useful for other CTFs as well. You’ll also find lot of additional information in there, how and where the required background knowledge can be acquired.

The document can be downloaded directly from the main page of ACSC 2018:

Direct download link:

SEC Consult wishes all participants good luck and happy hacking!



PS: Are you up for another challenge? SEC Consult is always searching for talented security professionals to join the team. More information can be found here.