Insecure data storage in my devolo - android application

SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab Security Advisory < 20160422-0 >


title: Insecure data storage

product: my devolo - android application -

vulnerable version: 1.2.8

fixed version:

CVE number:

impact: High


found: 2015-10-30

by: A. Nochvay (Office Moscow)

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Vendor description:


devolo AG has been developing innovative Powerline and data communications

products for private customers and professional users.devolo Home Control

expands on the idea of the easy way to connect and is emerging as a new

product world for the smart home that simply enables greater comfort and

convenience, security and energy savings.





Business recommendation:


Attackers might be able to recover sensitive information from stolen/lost devices.

With this information attackers can control user's smart devices, change

temperature and watching user's remote camera.


SEC Consult recommends not to store sensitive information on mobile devices.



Vulnerability overview/description:


The application "my devolo" uses the SharedPreferences android mechanism for

storing information about the user including login credentials for the site In the event that an adversary physically attains the mobile

device, the adversary might be able to hook up the mobile device to a computer

with freely available software. These tools allow the adversary to see all third

party application directories.



Proof of concept:


Has been removed due to the request from the vendor.



Vulnerable / tested versions:


The vulnerability has been discovered in "my devolo" version 1.2.8, which

is the latest version in Google Play Store at this time.



Vendor contact timeline:


2015-11-10: Transmission of advisory via a data-exchange platform provided by the vendor

2016-02-23: Confirmation of the described issue via email by vendor

2016-04-22: Public advisory release





no solution available





no workaround available



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