Persistent cross-site scripting vulnerability

SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab Security Advisory < 20130311-0 >


title: Persistent cross-site scripting vulnerability

product: jforum

vulnerable version: 2.1.9

fixed version: -

impact: medium


found: 2012-09-20

CVE: CVE-2013-3053

by: A. Antukh

SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab



Vendor description:


jforum is a powerful and robust discussion board system implemented in Java.


"jforum is a discussion board software - a forum - widely known for half a

decade already. It powers many big forums around the globe, including

Electronic Arts' gaming forums, JavaRanch (one of the biggest and oldest Java

communities), GUJ (the biggest Java development community for Portuguese

speakers). It is an Open Source project, maintained by serious developers."





Vulnerability overview/description:


A module "pm" provided in the standard installation of jforum includes the

action "sendSave", which suffers from a persistent cross-site scripting

vulnerability due to insufficient validation of user supplied data.


An authenticated user is able to perform cross-site scripting attacks e.g.

create relogin trojan horses or steal session cookies in the context of the

affected website that uses a vulnerable version of jforum.



Proof of concept:


The vulnerability is exploited due to improper validation of a certain parameter.

PoC URL has been removed as no vendor patch is available.



Vulnerable / tested versions:


The vulnerability is verified to exist in 2.1.9 version of jforum which is the

most recent at the moment of writing the advisory.



Fixed version:


No patch available.



Vendor contact timeline:


2012-11-15: Contacted vendor through

2012-11-15: Initial vendor response - issues will be verified

2012-11-20: Under investigation / Being fixed in main codeline

2013-02-28: Vendor notification about advisory release on 2013-03-08 according to

the SEC Consult responsible disclosure policy.

2013-03-05: Vendor agrees with dates of publishing the advisory, will maybe

supply patch in the future (does currently not work on project)

2013-03-11: Public release of SEC Consult advisory





No workaround available



Advisory URL:





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