CyberTrap is based on the long-standing security expertise of SEC Consult experts and the innovation of SEC Technologies, the development partner of SEC Consult. Today, CyberTrap is an independent, successful start-up companies. Learn more about it on www.cybertrap.com



A Distributed Deception Platform (DDP)

Contrary to “classic” threats, today, companies no longer exclusively fight against common viruses, but often also against professional, highly motivated individuals with criminal intentions and a clearly defined mission: the crown jewels of your organisation.

Anti-virus solutions, intrusion detection systems (IDS) as well as further defence mechanisms form an indispensable basic protection against the daily threats and attack attempts from the Internet, however, can only do little to oppose truly professional attackers.

Because the attackers chose your organisation as a target for a certain reason, they have sufficient means, are well organised, highly motivated, and very well trained. Customised and targeted attacks (APT) against your organisation are therefore unavoidable.

The challenge is to reduce the time an attacker spends unnoticed in the company’s IT system as much as possible or to detect attacks early on, resp., before actual damage occurs. Therefore, continuous monitoring and fast reaction to a successful attack become increasingly business-critical.


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CyberTrap changes the prevailing paradigm

As an evolutionary further development of traditional “honeypot” systems, today, CyberTrap is a sophisticated, highly interactive distributed deception platform and entices the attackers away from the productive system into a “digital playground” – the attack fails.

Using live analysis, for the first time, our technology enables a detailed insight into the approaches of intruders and thus also full control over this break-in. The understanding about these approaches of an attacker is essential, because it enables:

  • assessing of the current threat situation and risk landscape,
  • making an efficient selection of security measures,
  • acting before the attacker encounters valuable corporate values

By collecting customer-specific local threat intelligence, CyberTrap enables:

  • understanding the attacker’s intentions
  • collecting malware, attacker tools and numerous fingerprints in real-time
  • personally identifying attackers using the CyberTrap TrackDown documents
  • attributing and representing the infrastructure of the attacker
  • evaluating the current threat situation of the productive IT environment
  • significantly increasing the effectivity of existing security solutions using feed-in of the collected customer-specific local threat intelligence.
A small step for your security a giant step against attackers.