IoTInspector is based on the years of security know-how of the SEC Consult experts and the innovative capacity of SEC Technologies, the development partner of SEC Consult.


Searching for vulnerabilities

on the Internet of Things

Smart machines, networked devices, new firmware – any acquisition and alteration in the system harbours the risk of new security gaps. Whether as product developer or user: IoT Inspector reveals these “vulnerabilities ex works”, even before they can be utilised by cyber criminals.

The firmware scanner, used for research purposes so far, is now for the first time available for companies in a fully automated manner, and therewith the decades of know-how of the cyber security experts of SEC Consult. On the basis of current data sources, like the IoT search engines Censys, Shodan and NIST, IoTInspector is familiar with thousands of security gaps and covers a broad spectrum of networked devices, like routers and printers. Thus, companies are enabled to check the firmware of new IoT devices for vulnerabilities before and after commissioning – independent, fast and secure.

Additional information

Contact us and we will send you detailed information incl. a sample report. With test access you can check your first firmware for free.

Ease of use – 100 % automated

Following the upload of the firmware images or upload files, IoT Inspector checks the software, in a completely automated fashion, for possible vulnerabilities. The analysed data is available within a few seconds. No source code required.

Plugins, Plugins, Plugins

The IoT Inspector is based on plugins, which are constantly further developed. Thus, future threats can be countered as flexible and fast as possible.

Well-structured Web GUI – continuous observation

The well-structured and configurable Web GUI visually represents analysis results and statistics. PDF reports can also be prepared. Firmware already uploaded can also be continuously kept in view thanks to real-time alert.

Thousands of vulnerabilities and devices

Thanks to years of expert knowledge and external, valid data sources, IoT Inspector is always up to date in terms of vulnerabilities, exploits, malware and devices at risk.


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