Application Security Monitoring (AppSecMon)


The web has developed into an indispensable medium. Thus, more and more business processes take place on the Internet: from the search for information or social networking to communication with authorities, online shopping, and Internet banking. All these applications are realised in the background by web applications. Due to their global accessibility, they are considered a popular target for professional hackers. Compressed applications may thus be misused for most different purposes, as e.g. spam attacks or botnets.

Especially for those responsible for IT or applications, resp., it is therefore decisive to detect risks early on and to always keep an eye on their development. In that, the dynamic threat situation and new methods of attack require application protection exceeding a classic security audit by far.

  • Receive the most current security-relevant information for your applications.
  • Ensure that your applications are tested on a regular basis.
  • Benefit from individually tailored service levels.

AppSecMon − Keeping an eye on security

With Application Security Monitoring (AppSecMon), companies obtain the necessary tool for active and permanent monitoring of applications and the associated infrastructure for security gaps. Contrary to selective penetration tests, application managers do not obtain a snapshot, but a constantly updated risk assessment adapted to the current threat situation.


  • Manual and automatic security reviews
  • Standardised approach
  • Integration into existing processes, like IT operation, development, etc.
  • Different service levels, depending on protection needs (incl. service level DDoS)
  • Reporting in existing systems, e.g. SIEM, Risk2Value
Spot potential risks before it is too late.