Process Management for Information Security

With our process management, we support companies in fulfilling legal requirements as well as compliance specifications in terms of information security. Furthermore, we assist with the development, acquisition and application of secure software.

  • Evaluate your security status.
  • Implement relevant processes.
  • Reduce security risks.
  • Compy with legal and compliance requirements.
  • Develop, procure & run secure software applications.

Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Information security management provides support for the definition of guidelines, processes, and systems. Thereby, risks for databases can be managed and acceptable levels of the information security risk guaranteed. Here, the legally prescribed standards of ISO 27001 are complied with, too.

Information Security Risk Management (ISRM)

Information security risk management serves the definition of risk management processes and is a method for identification, description and evaluation of risks. Availability of risk management is an important approach for enhancing IT security in the company. Within the scope of the information security system, risk management is mandatory, which is why it also is an integrated component thereof.

Reduce existing security risks.