Security Audits and Assessments

With Security Audits & Assessments, we show our customers the limits of their infrastructure, processes, and employees. Applications are subjected to a practical test, weaknesses are identified, and solutions for the elimination of security gaps are pointed out. For that, SEC Consult offers a number of tests, which enable a critical review of the IT infrastructure.

Overview: Penetration Tests | Source Code Reviews | Configuration Reviews | Reverse Engineering | DDoS Benchmark Tests | Social Engineering

  • Unterziehen Sie Ihre Applikationen einem Härtetest.
  • Identifizieren Sie Schwachstellen & finden Sie Lösungen.
  • Kennen sie die Grenzen Ihrer Infrastruktur, Prozesse und Mitarbeiter.

Certification of Web Applications: ÖNORM A7700

(Austria-specific offer)

Companies offering high-quality web applications and/or web services should have these certified according to the ÖNORM A7700 standard without fail. For that, external experts perform a source code review for the entire security area. If this review is passed successfully, the company is awarded a respective certificate from the Austrian Standards Institute. For that, the Austrian Standards Institute largely relies on security experts of SEC Consult. This distinction confirms, that the web applications and web services tested are state of the art. Furthermore, the certified companies receive the permission to sell these products as high-security offers.

Identify the weak link in the application chain.