IoT Inspector

IoT Inspector is a cloud-based platform for automated security analysis of IoT firmware. It enables companies to efficiently determine security risks that might impact legal compliance, reputation or the financial status. A wide range of network devices such as IP cameras, routers and printers are covered.

Combined experience

SEC Consult ensures optimal protection for your business. That’s the reason we work with experienced partners like IoT Inspector to cover all your needs in the best possible way. Contact us to discuss your individual challenges.

Powerful tool

IoT Inspector was initially developed with experts from SEC Consult as an in-house tool for manual IoT device pentesting projects. It combines more than 10 years of firmware vulnerability research and experience from an uncountable amount of vulnerability scans. IoT Inspector allows not only to examine the IoT device’s firmware for vulnerabilities, but also the compliance with international security standards – without requiring access to source code or network or physical access to the IoT device. 

IoT Inspector in SEC Consult projects

Quick overview about vulnerabilities

With the support of IoT Inspector SEC Consult specialists can provide a quick overview of your security posture because typical vulnerabilities can easily be detected. 

Extensive detection skills

While the firmware analysis works best with Linux-based systems (which covers over 80% of firmware files out of the box), the platform’s vulnerability detection skills are OS agnostic.

Efficient solution

Because SEC Consult operates as partner of IoT Inspector your company profits from a scalable solution for automated analysis of the firmware of embedded devices.

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If you have any further questions get in touch with one of our SEC Consult specialists.

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