Great Place to Work: We are certified!


"SEC Consult – a Great Place to Work"

…rated by those who know best: our colleagues!

Our employees at SEC Consult have already experienced how interesting the activities are in a challenging environment like the IT industry. Cybersecurity offers a wide variety of job profiles in which our employees can develop. The combination of passion for cybersecurity, great technical knowledge and communication skills makes working for data protection and IT security a particularly exciting and stimulating affair.


SEC Consult Austria GPTW Team, left to right: Ulrich Fleck (Chief Revenue Officer), Christine Teichert (Teamlead Group Human Resources Management), Wolfgang Baumgartner (General Manager SEC Consult Group), Viktoria Lachner (Teamlead Workplace Experience & Office Mgmt.)

Great Place to Work®

And because both, interesting work areas and a respectful working environment with dear colleagues and fair managers, come together at SEC Consult, our employees in Austria and Germany have also expressed their satisfaction in the evaluation by the Great Place to Work® Institute.

And we are thrilled about it! 

Leading companies in all industries around the world regularly interview their employees about their workplace culture. For 30 years they have been using the Great Place to Work® audit for this purpose.

For Atos and its subsidiaries, participation in the Trust Index© survey and Culture Audit© evaluation is already a long-standing tradition, rewarded with many awards. SEC Consult also participates regularly and thus experiences first-hand how credibility, fairness, respect, pride and team spirit are lived in the company.

What are the criteria for a "Great Place to Work"?

All employees and managers have their own needs and ideas about what a good workplace is. The Great Place to Work® Institute defines a work environment in which employees

  • trust those they work for,
  • take pride in what they do,
  • and enjoy working together as a team.

As the employees as well as the management of SEC Consult Austria and SEC Consult Germany were surveyed, the results present a holistic picture of the company. The full survey was addressed to the entire team (Trust Index©) and to the management team (Culture Audit©) of both countries.

The Trust Index© asks about the individually perceived situation at the workplace and how it fits into the team, while in the Culture Audit© management provides information about its concepts, measures and programs in the area of human resources.

The questionnaire offered the following response options: "almost completely agree" / "mostly agree" / "partly agree" / "mostly disagree" / "almost disagree". It comprised a considerable 65 items and the questionnaire was only evaluated if at least five of them were answered. The participation rate achieved of 85% in Austria and even 90% in Germany therefore proves how great the interest of all those involved is in evaluating the workplace situation.

"All in all ..." there is a "very good" for SEC Consult

In 2020, 92% of our Austrian and 89% of our German colleagues expressed their satisfaction, each by a few percentage points more than in 2019. They answered the statement "All in all, I can say that this is a very good workplace" with "almost completely true" and "mostly true". We are delighted about this and it is also an incentive for us to pick up on the small number of less satisfied employees with their concerns and wishes and to pay more attention to their well-being.

Also in the Trust Index©, the average value of all items of the questionnaire, SEC Consult could score above average positively. Here, the German colleagues with 82% general satisfaction outperformed the Austrian employees by one percentage point, who perceive SEC Consult as a "Great Place to Work" with 81%.



SEC Consult Germany GPTW Team, left to right: Markus Robin (Managing Director Germany), Christine Teichert (Teamlead Group Human Resources Management), Wolfgang Baumgartner (General Manager SEC Consult Group), Viktoria Lachner (Teamlead Workplace Experience & Office Mgmt.)

Positive result as further incentive

In both countries, our colleagues were several percentage points more satisfied in all areas than in 2019. Three quarters of the employees at SEC Consult Austria (around 92% of those participating in the survey) are positive in 2020 in terms of credibility, respect, fairness, pride in achievements and team spirit. The picture is very similar in Germany.

Of course, this is no reason for us to sit back: We want to catch up in the areas where there is potential for improvement and will take the recommendations for action from the Great Place to Work® Institute to heart.

After all, satisfied employees are the best employees - and we always want to be the best!

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