Project- und Program Management

Program management doesn't have to be a challenge. With SEC Consult, you can ensure that all projects in your cybersecurity programs run smoothly and harmoniously. We ensure that you achieve your goals on time, that collaboration is professional and that all your requirements are met. Our reporting system provides an accurate overview of all important data in real time and shows the progress of each project in detail.

More efficiency for your projects

Do you want to take your project and program management to a new level? SEC Consult is your partner with more than 20 years of experience in cyber security. We use proven methods and tools to ensure that your projects are successful.

Achieve your goals with SEC Consult

Whether security audits or pentests - our team has experience with major customers and relies on proven methods that have already been successfully implemented in more than 1000 projects. All programs are coordinated directly with your specialist departments and implemented according to a precisely coordinated schedule - ensuring that you achieve your cyber security goals efficiently and professionally.

Efficient use of resources

A mix of international expertise and professional tools ensures that your resources are used efficiently. Through structured program management, we can help you minimize risks and avoid bottlenecks. In this way, every challenge can be dealt with quickly and directly and security can be guaranteed.

Minimal risk - proven strategies for greater security

Through close coordination and ongoing coordination, every risk can be identified promptly. With jointly developed solutions, challenges of any kind can be overcome quickly and safely and safety can be guaranteed when carrying out tests.

Improved cooperation

In order to lead a project efficiently to success, professional cooperation between all contact persons is necessary. Through years of experience, we have been able to develop an established process that ensures that all parties involved cooperate effectively and that the flow of information is unhindered. This improves the workflow and prevents fatal miscommunication.

You decide: Your requirements are our mission

Every customer has different goals and requirements for a program. That's why we clarify your specific wishes and requirements with you in detail. While our processes are based on experience with numerous different customer projects, we look for opportunities in each program to optimize collaboration through context-specific adjustments.


Through our program management and regular jour fixe meetings, we enable you to get a comprehensive overview of the progress and performance of projects at all times. By providing real-time data and information, you get an accurate overview of the progress and performance of each project within the program.

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The most important facts at a glance

  • Professional project and program management
  • More efficiency for every project
  • Achieve annual targets reliably
  • Optimal use of resources
  • Risk minimization
  • Consideration of individual requirements
  • Comprehensive reporting

Project- und Program Management by SEC Consult

Program management is the coordinated management of multiple projects for a client. At SEC Consult, we ensure that all projects, even within a program, are managed effectively and efficiently to achieve your pentesting and security clearance objectives. 

The cyber security project management process for pentests is standardized for various project types and is already successfully used by customers with up to 2,600 PT per year.
Our project management team is continuously certified in current project management methods (Prince 2, Scrum Master /PO, ITIL, Six Sigma) in order to understand our customers' processes and be able to respond to them individually. SEC Consult's ensures that all projects e.g. pentests, security checks, are aligned with the annual target for you as our customer.

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