Mobile Security

Based on industry best practices SEC Consult ensures the protection of your company and your end users by assessing the security of mobile Android and iOS applications and devices.

Mobile App Security all around

Your company is developing mobile applications or uses them to enhance the workflow? Make sure you and your staff as well as end users are protected against the latest mobile application threats. SEC Consult assesses the risks and informs you about the necessary next steps to help you resolve vulnerabilities.

Following Approved Methodology

Our mobile tests follow the Mobile Security Testing Guide (MSTG) of OWASP, a comprehensive manual for mobile app security development and testing. This standard enables you to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities.

Passion for Security

Our mobile security testers live and breathe privacy and security and protect your customers by all means. They take the industry’s best practices for privacy and security into account and ensure the safety of end users; consequently, they help you to protect and enhance your company’s assets and reputation.

Mobile Application Security as a Service

  • Mobile Application Security assessment
  • Analysis of insecure coding in order to improve your product
  • Security for your end users / customers
  • Strengthen the trust of your users, customers and take a lead in your market area by improving your security

Penetration Testing for Mobile App Security

The assessment of mobile application security or the underlying system can be quite challenging for any company developing or using mobile applications. Frequent releases of new Android and iOS updates and fast evolving malicious attacks introduce new security challenges that need to be mastered. This is where SEC Consult comes into play:

Mobile Application Penetration Testing is recommended for every company that processes sensitive information in mobile applications. It does not matter whether mobile app development takes place in your organization or externally developed mobile applications are being used within your company, penetration tests for these mobile applications are indispensable.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become important tools to enhance the workflow and facilitate the collaboration in almost every company. Therefore, they play an increasingly important role in cyberattacks and are often used to bypass protective measures. Regardless of the platform (iOS, Android, etc.), SEC consult’s cybersecurity experts always examine the client as well as the server-side of IT security.

The range of the devices being tested by our app security specialists includes iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones & tablets.

SEC Consult experts follow an established security assessment procedure:

  1. Preparation: They test mobile applications according to the OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide (MSTG). After gathering high level information about the mobile app, our specialists perform an architectural analysis in order to create a threat model and identify potential threats and attack vectors for the application
  2. Execution: The application is checked for security loopholes using semi-automated analysis in addition to manual testing. According to the previously developed test cases and threat models, the application is examined through static and dynamic analysis.
  3. Reporting: Our experts present identified weak points and offer solutions to eliminate security gaps.
  4. Resolving vulnerabilities: We support you with the extensive know-how of our staff to eliminate security gaps and resolve detected vulnerabilities.
  5. Retest: To check that all measures had the desired effect, SEC Consult’s security specialists perform a final penetration test.

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