SEC Defence: Strategy against cyber-crime

Provision of immediate help and response in the event of an unauthorised breach or support in the preparation of an emergency crisis playbookthe security experts of SEC Defence support businesses in the fight against cybercrime.


Is your company a victim of a cyber attack and in need of immediate help?

Use our emergency hotline to speak directly to one of our SEC Defence experts:

Incident response in case of a cyber attack

24/7 Operations Throughout Europe

The SEC Defence Operations Centre is on call 24/7. Security experts specialising in incident response, digital forensics, technical and organisational information security respond immediately to incoming emergency calls.

Fast Help From Specialised Experts

The SEC Defence Incident Response Team can immediately respond and contain the incident, leading and supporting from the front lines, and if necessary, on site. Damage limitation, preventing further attacks and the rapid resumption of operations are the focus.

Analysis, Evaluation & Security

In addition to crisis management and the precise analysis of the incident, the main tasks of the security experts also include the forensic preservation of evidence, which if necessary, can be used for possible legal proceedings or cooperation with law enforcement.


When Should I Contact The SEC Defence Team?

  • Ransomware / Blackmailing
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Malware Attacks
  • Web Site/Network Breach
  • Data Breach/Theft
  • Targeted Attacks (APTs)
  • Hacked Website
  • DDoS Attacks
  • Forensic Investigations
  • etc.

What Information Does SEC Defence Initially Need From Me?

  • WHEN was the incident triggered?
  • HOW was the incident triggered?
  • WHO noticed the incident?
  • WHAT happened?
  • WHAT additional information do you know?

Preparation & Security Strategy

Emergency Set-Up

During the course of workshops, processes and playbooks necessary for responding to instances of suspected attacks are developed, with responsibilities and actions being defined and clarified. Subsequent internal processing and cooperation with the SEC Defence Team during an incident is much faster and more efficient.

Advantages For SEC Defence Customers

The SEC Defence Emergency Hotline is available to all companies that have been victims of a cyber attack. Due to limited resources, however, we can only guarantee help in an emergency to existing SEC Defence customers.

Preparation & Strategy Workshops

Overview of the topic Incident Response & the current cyber security threat landscape.

Improve the internal visibility and logging of network activities – only then can an expert actually see what happened during an attack.

Effective protection of IT systems and networks.

Defensibility Benchmark
Short assessments provide an initial overview of the current business security stature and status.

Cyber Insurance

In cooperation with well-known insurance companies within Germany and Austria, we offer the SEC Defence Service also in the context of cyber-insurances. Please contact us for further information:

Keep the overview in case of a cyber incident.