Cybercrime is everywhere

What does your defence strategy look like?

Over the past years, cyber crime has been increasingly advancing to become a lucrative economic sector and has since been rapidly increasing. Highly professional hackers attack companies of most different sizes and industries in a targeted fashion. In order to ward off attacks as quickly as possible and to keep the damage the attackers can cause as small as possible, professional help is mostly inevitable:

SEC Defence is a team of international security experts, which in case of a cyber attack can provide exactly this kind of help. At best, however, the work of the SEC Defence team already starts in the run-up: workshops and emergency exercises help companies in establishing necessary processes and going through procedures.

  • Prepare your company to react correctly and efficiently in case of an attack.
  • Receive help in time in case of an emergency.
  • Find out what happened and secure evidence.

SEC Defence Emergency-Hotline

You are the victim of a cyber attack and need help in the short term? Use our emergency hotline to talk to one of our SEC Defence experts directly:

DE: +49 30 398 2027 77

AT: +43 1 890 30 43 7777

Preparatory workshops

In the course of a preparatory workshop, processes necessary for the event of an attack are elaborated and responsibilities are clarified. Checklists are prepared, which help not to lose track in a threat situation. Furthermore, the SEC Defence team has the opportunity to become familiar with the customer’s IT infrastructure, which likewise contributes to a more efficient defence against a possible attacker.

Emergency exercises

A real attack situation means stress for those responsible at a company, but requires shortest possible reaction times and well coordinated communication channels. In order for the processes elaborated in the preparatory workshop to be correctly implemented in this exceptional situation and for the respective employees to be aware of their tasks and responsibilities, these can be simulated together with the SEC Defence experts in emergency exercises – best carried out on an annual basis.

Emergency response

Once an attack has been reported via the SEC Defence emergency hotline, the SEC Defence team will be available, depending of the type and severity of the attack, via phone or even directly on site at the affected company. Emergency measures are initiated, so that the attack is warded off as quickly as possible, the damage is contained and normal operation can be resumed as soon as possible.

Report & forensic analyses

After a response, the customer receives a report about the incident and the measures initiated. Depending on the customer’s requirement, the experts of the SEC Defence team reconstruct the progression of events, also after an attack, and in that secure evidence, which can be used for possible legal processes or cooperation with the police.


In collaboration with leading insurance companies in Germany and Austria we also offer the SEC Defence Service as part of cyber insurances. Contact us to get more information about this offer: insurance@sec-consult.com

Keep track of things, even in a worst case scenario.