Secure Software Development Consulting

SEC Business Online Seminar: December 17th 2020

Topic: How to build a secure architecture based on your technology stack


Security must be addressed at every stage of software development and must be highly integrated to be effective. Failure to do so will result in vulnerable software and applications open to malicious attacks.

SEC Consult supports organizations evaluating and implementing security activities in their secure software development life-cycle.

Security in modern development environments

Fast paced development (e.g. DevOps) requires special attention in regards to security. SEC Consult helps you to adapt established and proven security activities to fit your specific methodology.

Compliance with requirements from regulators and partners

Secure software development has a high intrinsic value, but satisfying regulators and your partners is crucial as well. SEC Consult knows how to enable organizations to comply with current standards and legislation in regards to secure software development.

Secure Software Development – Consult Packages:

The first step of improving your security posture is evaluating your current maturity level. The assessment of the security activities in your software development lifecycle will show where you are strong already and where you are trailing behind. Comparing your current level with the desired target level constitutes a gap assessment which allows you to plan the required next steps for improvement.

Implementing a Secure Software Development process with a Big Bang approach rarely works well. SEC Consult can help you design an implementation roadmap that considers your current maturity level and utilizes existing synergies along the way. While leveraging quick wins to achieve results early on, we never lose sight of the big picture and the overarching goal – a sustainable process that helps you build and maintain secure applications and systems long term.

The experts of SEC Consult are available to support and coach you during each step of implementing new security activities. Whether you are looking for an occasional sparring partner to discuss ideas or need hands-on help on a larger scale, SEC Consult can provide you the knowledge and manpower you need. With a diverse pool of experts, we are able to assemble the right team for you.

Consider security in all phases of software development.