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The impact on security testing for DevOps-driven applications

  • Posted by Monika Greil
  • On 10. Feb 2020
According to the Splunk/Puppet’s 7th annual report on the “State of DevOps”, 51% of software development companies worldwide already work with their DevOps team. In contrast, the release-oriented software based on the waterfall model is slowly losing its importance. The most progressive companies in this sector publish several hundred (micro)releases per month. [Next: An unvarnished inventory] What does this mean for security testing? DevOps improves the classic approach to security testing that was practiced in the past: after Dev before Ops. DevSecOps seems to be the right method – at least because it includes security in the process. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go on as simply as that. DevSecOps is strongly dependent on the respective toolchain to ensure development quality (security […]
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How to use blockchain technology to secure forensic evidence

  • Posted by Monika Greil
  • On 21. Jan 2020
SEC Consult has been observing the development and application possibilities of blockchain technologies for some time. These technologies could also be used in individual areas of security consulting. Within the scope of a recent research project, possible scenarios for the preservation of evidence after cyberattacks were examined in more detail.
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