What is Red Teaming?

Red Teaming − The Comprehensive Cyber ​​Attack Simulation

Successful attackers combine various tools, use a variety of techniques and perform efficient and highly professional cyberattacks. In order to assess the actual security defence strategy and resilience of your company, SEC Consult Red Teaming uses exactly the same methods as an attacker. It also takes into account both technical and human security factors not covered by penetration testing.

  • prepare for an emergency
  • protect critical data
  • optimize prozesses
  • reduce risks

What advantages does Red Teaming offer?

Security test, e.g. pentests, for applications and systems in isolated environments provide a good insight and help to increase the security standard successively. Unfortunately, these audits fail to prepare the company as a whole for cyberattacks and to test and train the resilience of the entire organization

How much time does Red Teaming take?

For Red Teaming projects, there is typically no limit to the scope and possible methods. Whether officially announced or as an undercover mission with only a few insiders – Red Teaming is the  optimal preparation for a real attack!

What is Red Teaming as a Service?

SEC Consult offers Red Teaming as a service in combination with a one-year subscription. With this approach, all activities can be carried out in the background as in a real attack and thus close to reality. You will then receive a detailed overview of all activities, identified vulnerabilities and a specific recommendation on how to improve cyber resilience.

How does Red Teaming work?

All Red Teaming projects and services follow previously agreed on rules between your company and SEC Consult. Experts with different specialty areas implement these attack simulation scencarios in a thoroughly structured, safe and smart way. The SEC Consult Red Team has the full clout of an international team of experts at their disposal – which inevitably leads to impressive results.

How does the Red Teaming process look like?

The SEC Consult Red Team challenges your Blue Team to respond to cybersecurity incidents, identifies vulnerabilities in their cyber defence strategy, and evaluates them. To do so, SEC Consult’s experts mimic the behavior of real cybercriminals and use a variety of possible attack patterns and attack vectors: from collecting open source intelligence (OSINT) to social engineering, (spear-) phishing with customized malware, to physical infiltration and compromise of the organization.

There is always something to be found.