Corona Virus And Unintentional Cyber Consequences


For the foreseeable future and against the background of the current Covid-19 situation, increased reliance on electronic communications systems will be essential to the well-being of the people in organizations.

The potential downside is that more and more core knowledge and information may be propagated across multiple systems urgently.

Currently the Social Distancing measures taken to slow down the Corona Virus that causes Covid-19 may drive organizations into rapid expansion and comprehensive adoption of teleworking technology, including VPN and teleconferencing. Of course, these technologies are normal for a broad range of knowledge working organizations but the increased demand may stress the capabilities of current secure communications systems. Care and caution are required as these systems are extended or newly implemented under pressure.

Times of great uncertainty are opportunities for cybercriminals to take advantage of possible general confusion to perform attacks on stressed systems. A rapid increase in reliance on electronic communications increases the attack plane quite a bit – what if the CEO and CFO don’t have their standing meeting at the coffee machine? Non-physical presence will cause a larger number of emails, making it easier for malicious ones to slip through.

Trust SEC Consult for advice or even a vulnerability scan of your VPN/WebConferencing solution, whether cloud-based or on-premise. This may go a long way to stop the bad actors from taking advantage of this rapidly changing situation.

SEC Consult has capabilities to perform remote security tests that can identify configuration flaws, known vulnerabilities and required upgrades. While many organizations rely on SEC Consult to perform regularly scheduled deep security audits, it may be wise to call on us for quick-response health checks to assure that your business stays as healthy as we all want our people to be.

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